anthony jordan road to commentary
02 Feb '22

Anthony Jordan - Road to Commentary

Below is my story of how, when and a little bit of why I became a motorsports commentator. I've been around motorsport from a very young age and so have my family, with the rally legend himself Colin McRae being at my parents' wedding...

archie elliott stu stretton
01 Feb '22

A Late Rookie Amongst Titans

I'm fairly new to this owner driver business, first getting into a Senior Rotax in 2019 to 3 years later competing at one of if not the most competitive club circuit championships in the country. Some very big names have entered this year which to all those competing will only be more exciting.

So Round 1 came on the 22nd and 23rd of a cloudy...

henry beaudette thinking
02 Feb '22


If you are reading this then it is safe to say that one of two things has happened. One: You have too much spare time on your hands and you are trying to distract yourself from doing something meaningful, like work, study, sleep or completing the dreaded DIY project that you promised your better half you would do during the first COVID lockdown OR...

leo brown taking kerb
02 Feb '22

Leo Brown - WMKC RD1 Report

On the 22nd and 23rd of January 2022 the JDR team and I returned to Whilton Mill for Round 1 of the 2022 championship. Last year I finished 5th in the championship in the highly competitive Junior X30 category, the category I will be competing in again this year. After some great pace last year we were very unlucky with results, however...

josh east photography
02 Feb '22

Josh East - The Man In The Pink Hi Viz

If you're reading this far through, here's a little easter egg and chance to win yourself an A1 canvas...

reg haywood chris walker karting
02 Feb '22

Reg Haywood - TVKC Winter Series

I've moved up a year early to Junior Rotax as I was overweight for Minimax as I am so tall....

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